Who We Are?

We take pride in serving clients with following Technologies/Services.

  Web Technologies

Creation of business specific Web applications.

1-   E-Commerce portals.

2-   E-Commerce Support services to retailers

        Inventory Management

        Product image Maintenance

        Sales management

Data Intense Technologies

3-  Data Capture using Cloud based Forms.

4-  Data Processing (Cleansing, formatting, restructuring)

5-  Data Analysis for Business Insight(Cloud based reporting).

6-  Data Visualization

7-  End to End Data management (Capture, Storage, Retrieval and Archival)



Our Management revolves around the people and is more oriented towards better products, excellent service and customer satisfaction rather than systems. We take concerns and show interests on well being of our employees and customers we relate to. Company since establishment have rooted itself following the rich cultural values India possess and uphold the dynamic nature of the Company.


Within a short time, we have added a number of large organizations to our growing list of clients. Each of them have validated our value proposition and have given us further conviction in our offerings.

If you would like to know more about our work, please write to us at info@vyaapak.in