Community Driven Car Pool Service
With a vision to evolve transportation and make it better for the environment, the people and our community through technology and shared rides, keeping people and their safety first, dynaride came into existence.Our online platform that matches everyday drivers/commuters in their own car with people nearby who need a ride. We’re like matchmakers for the perfect ride – right when you want it. Conventional ridesharing had lots of shortcomings which have been dealt by making it more dynamic, secure and reliable. It's on-demand and commitment free. Rides can be found with clicks of buttons, meet new people, connect with friends, reduce your carbon footprint and save money.


Scan Digitise Store.
Softcopy provides an effective and modern method to store your digital documents in a secured environment. The document while storage can be categorized and structured for easy access.Softcopy offers a tons of features which are very much essential to store your documents for future use. Few of them are highlighted below....

  • Reduce storage and data management costs
  • Prevent document deterioration & damage and access faster
  • Risk Management preparedness and back up compliance
  • Archiving of sensitive or mission critical documents

Social Analytics

Getting Business Insights
Consumers and businesses alike have something to learn from just about all of your social media interactions. How many people did your post reach? What sort of links do your followers like best? Does anything you do online even matter?Fortunately, the rise of social media has been accompanied by the creation of tools to that analyze the impact of most of your social media activities. For anyone serious about building their online presence (say “personal brand” one more time) or help grow their businesses’ reach online, social media analytics tools are essential.As a part of our new initiaves with a goal to deliver more into the business and consumer behavior insights about the company,brand, products and services we have created the social media analytics tool that actually deliver promises.

  • Capture measure and analyse social media data
  • Target marketing campaigns based on the analytics
  • Be precise, effective and connect to people whom you matters